T A S H A   G O L D B E R G 

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The world tends to prefer when we fit neatly into one box. Well, I live out of the box. 


I am a writer, reporter, video producer, ethnobotanist, Tarot Reader, vinyl collector, poet, mystic and cultural practitioner.


Through travels and my life experiences, i have gained a perspective of the way we are connected; with ourselves, each other and the world around us. 

As far back as I can remember, I have been easily mystified. Perhaps as a result of being raised by a beautiful momma, honey hearted father, angel sister and pillars of grandmothers, I have always felt drawn to beauty. I remember plucking petals at a tender age to make potions and perfumes to share with my loved ones. These interests led me to studying herbalism and ethnobotany, which opened the door to aromatherapy, reiki, flower essences and other alternative medicines. I was intrigued with the many uses of plants, but also in the way we could relate to the world around us through plants. I became aware that business played a huge role in mitigating the relationship between people and plants.

Inspired by the potential of business to create a positive impact, I formed a consultancy called Sustainable Solutions in 2004. I worked with small, medium and large businesses, developing strategies for sustainability. I learned how to engage stakeholders, from farmers to consumers, assessing the resources available and understanding incentives. I learned how to communicate the same story in varied ways so that each person involved could engage, 

This awareness inspired my pursuit of becoming a writer, editor and video producer covering United Nations negotiations. As a reporter, I learned how to listen. I learned how to research and absorb historical contexts as well as report on current events in ways that were accessible and meaningful. I learned about the unique challenges in different regions of the world and of the complex nature of politics, and its impact on all things.


Deeply absorbed in this work and devoted to learning to listen, I traveled far and wide. Music became an opportunity to connect to people, regardless of where I happened to be assigned. I began collecting records and reALIZED that music was like walking through an open door. inside THE MUISIC is A testimony of the people. reCords ARE LIKE musical maps, outlining the movement of people and highlighting their values. I now contribute an ongoing series, ‘Voices in Vinyl’ on Afropop.org to document this exploration.


knowledge of self has been my foundation. My mother gifted me with a deck of Tarot cards when I was 15 years old. Over the years, the cards have become a tool for reflection. The universal symbols and images in the cards helped me not only to deepen my knowledge of self, but to see the world around me. Along with my practice of mediation, these tools HELP ME to witness, appreciatE and deepen my experiences. It has been an honor and adventure to share readings and lead guided mediations for children, elders, celebrities, friends, family and strangers around the world.

These are some of the many sides of who I am, a woman evolving….

(c) Ash Appelton
(c) Ash Appelton