​Building Bridges healing sessions establish a platform for empowerment through tarot cards, meditation and flower essences.  

















Reading Tarot Cards is much like standing over a tranquil pond of water, tracing the reflections. The beautiful images from the Motherpeace deck articulate the rhythms, patterns, and poetic elements that reside in us all by drawing on universal truths, as seen through a kaleidoscope of art and culture. Within the palette of earth, air, fire and water, the cards offer perspective to embody different ways of knowing. The outcome is a clear view of challenges that exist as well as the available energies and tools to support transformation.

Yoga Nidra meditation begins to braid together this new awareness by entering into a state of relaxation, a union derived from the tantras. In a deepened state of relaxation of the physical, emotional and mental planes, receptivity is enhanced and we are able to begin a practice of circulating consciousness throughout the body. By embodying the feelings and sensations of our ‘sankalpa’, or resolution, and moving this intelligence throughout our body, a sacred union occurs, activating intuition and inspiration.

Flower essences round out the trifecta by holding space, combing through emotional knots with soothing vibrational frequencies. The essences of various flowers, trees and gemstones distilled into formulas are used as touchstones, returning us to our sankalpa. Flower essences build a bridge, attuning us to the natural world as well as our internal ecology.

Tarot Reading, in person or over phone

(1-1.5 hours):                     $95


Tarot Reading with Custom Flower Essence

(1.5 hours):                         $120*

Pre-recorded Guided Mediation Sessions

(45 minutes)                          $10


*A limited number of sessions each month will be available on a sliding scale, please inquire for more details *​

Phone, Skype, email and in-person consultations


Workshops and  Gift cards available

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Ring of FireGuided Meditation - Tasha Goldberg
Ring of Fire: Release 
Golden light Bath: Receive

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Golden Light BathGuided Meditation by Tasha Goldberg

“Feeling completely awakened and positive vibes….I am so thankful for passages that have led me to queens, tropic love and insightful moments. I feel confident and empowered and grateful for all the blessings, even when they take a disguise of a challenge. I know love walks with me. Thanks Tasha Goldberg, you are my new moon.”       SS

“The mystical way of foretelling me that I had to focus on my self care on a more deeper level.“        K.H.

 “My session with Tasha was beautiful and expansive.  I felt very supported with her gentle energy.  My fears where put to ease and I really felt heard.   Thank you Tasha so much. You are a bright light.”  DE

“I went for a reading with Tasha to gain some insight on a few issues I have been struggling with. Tasha not only shed light on my journey, but showed me how to reach the path I was seeking. Since my session with Tasha I have made a career change, opened my soul to new relationships and worked through a desperately sad heart. If you’re willing to open up and let her in, Tasha’s wisdom will guide you to higher self.” C.A.