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Evidence of Hope is a series of video portraits featuring people and projects from around the world who are addressing global challenges, successfully! Each portrait engages the audience through a positive narrative, presenting what is working and how it is working. Drawing on the ability to inspire through beauty and love, Evidence of Hope focuses on relating individual projects to the collective experience, highlighting how tradition can incubate innovation. Evidence of Hope documents and supports progress that is happening right now, demonstrating the reason we should have hope for a sustainable future.
We are the change, and now is the time to begin a new story … the story of Evidence of Hope.

Through a rare intimacy developed over a decade in relationship with famed Spanish video artist Eugènia Balcells, this documentary is a journey into the world of a master. Spiraling through time, the film rediscovers a sense of wonder and enchantment that anchors true sophistication. Honoring over 40 years of renowned work and cultivated wisdom, the film accompanies Balcells as she dares to explore her greatest challenge yet. Work In Progress

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) was established on the eve of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit to help tackle our planet’s most pressing environmental problems.

BRS High-level Segment Opening video

On 1 June 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden, the High-level Segment provides an interactive platform for ministers and other high-level delegates to exchange experiences and to show political leadership for renewed commitment towards the implementation of the Basel, Stockholm and Rotterdam Conventions. The High-level Segment aims to raise political awareness of and support for the Conventions, as well as promote a dialogue.
Under the theme “Global Agreements for a Healthy Planet: Sound management of chemicals and waste” the High-level Segment will address how the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions contribute to tackle the triple planetary environmental crisis of biodiversity loss, climate change, and pollution.

Building Bridges Hub Reel

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